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Celebrate Freedom | July 4th

What memories come to mind when you think of the 4th of July? Perhaps it's a blend of fireworks, burgers, hotdogs, vacations, swimming, family, friends, parades, or patriotic music. These activities and festivities are rooted in a profound celebration of freedom. See, the 4th of July marks the birth of America, commemorating when the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Reflecting on the origins of July 4 is necessary because some institutions attempt to indoctrinate rather than educate our children on history despite the fun and factual aspects of the holiday.

According to the Declaration document, the American colonies expressed their desire to no longer be under the rule of Great Britain and, more importantly, to become their own country. Before the declaration, America was part of the United Kingdom, and 13 colonies were formed in North America: Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. However, as these colonies expanded in population, there was a consensus that the British exploited them through taxation and soldiers' accommodation.
Therefore, on July 4, 1776, a group of courageous representatives from the colonies (Continental Congress) took a stand and officially adopted the Declaration of Independence. This document, which spells out our unwavering position and pursuit of freedom as a nation, is a testament to their courage and determination. Since that day, Americans have sought to spread liberty to impoverished parts of the world while correcting injustices at home to ensure freedom.

As believers, we should view our freedoms as a blessing from God and seek to be His faithful representatives. Paul saw his status in Corinth, Rome, Ephesus, or any other place as a blessing and, therefore, a calling.

Second Corinthians 5:20 says, "Therefore, we are Christ's representatives, and through us God is calling you. We beg you on behalf of Christ to become reunited with God."

As believers, we have a significant role to play. We must represent Christ and leverage the freedoms given to us for His holy purposes. It is our responsibility to pray for our country, especially in these times when freedom is under attack from within. Although America is 248 years old today and has made unprecedented advancements in technology and information, we still have to contend with false narratives that attack our freedom and faith.

Therefore, let us be responsible with our freedom and faithful to our role as God's representative.

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