Trust God For The Impossible

Trust God For The Impossible | June 23rd

In the 2006 Sherwood Picture movie "Facing the Giants," a coach and his team overcame tremendous adversity and learned a significant fact about the Christian faith: "Nothing is impossible for God! (Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37).

After several unsuccessful seasons and being consumed with doubt about his abilities to the point of wanting to quit, Coach Grant Taylor receives some timely spiritual counsel, which leads to an inward revival. As his attitude changed, so did his record, leading his team to the State Championship game. In the game's final moments, he decides to have his backup kicker, David Childers, attempt a 51-yard field goal against the wind. At first, David insists he can't kick that far but goes out there anyway. After a stirring speech from Grant, the opposing coach calls a time to ice the second-string kicker. However, this allowed David to see his father, Larry Childers, who is in a wheelchair because of his disability. Larry uses all his strength to stand beyond the fence, holding his arms up like a ref when the field goal is good. David starts praying for God to help him with the kick. Seemingly in response, the wind suddenly turns in his favor, and he attempts the kick. With every ounce of strength, David kicks the football for a game-winning field goal.

I'm especially reminded of this inspirational story today because it's my son Joe's 16th birthday. When he was born, his life was in danger due to some complications during birth, but thankfully, he survived by God's grace and is now a healthy young man. Our hope and prayer for him is that he will stay strong and steadfast in pursuing the plans and promises that God has for him, no matter how difficult life can be, because nothing is impossible with God.

See, this belief that nothing is impossible with God is not a pie-in-the-sky theory or some mystical crutch to lean on. Instead, we can hold this conviction because Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength."

Knowing this, keep believing in God for the impossible and never give up because Christ will give you all the strength you need to fulfil all the plans He has for you.

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