Kindness Is Remembered And Rewarded

Kindness Is Remembered And Rewarded | February 22, 2024

A young man was going door to door selling items with the hopes of paying for medical school. However, on one occasion, his finances were so low that he only had a dime to his name! As he approached the next house to make a sale, he thought he would ask for something to eat because it had been days since his last meal. He got to the home, rang the bell, and cleared his throat. To his surprise, a stunning young lady a few years older than him answered the door. At first, he was startled by her beauty, but then he proceeded with this humble request. Being somewhat embarrassed about this need, he slightly modified his question and kindly asked for something to drink. She returned with a cold, tall glass of milk. The young man graciously received the glass and gulped it down. He was reenergized and wanted to pay her the 10 cents he had left for the drink, but she refused. She said, "My mother always taught me that kindness is free."

Several years later, this same lady became deathly ill. She had seen many doctors and spent nearly every penny she had on treatments, but to no avail. Finally, a doctor named Howard Kelly reviewed the case and decided to help. Upon visiting the sickly woman, he instantly recognized her and began to treat her with medical protocol, which thankfully worked! Meanwhile, Dr. Kelly instructed his staff to let him see her bill. Over the next four months, the woman got better and finally recovered. The enormous medical bill waiting for her was the only thing standing in her way of complete joy. When she opened the envelope containing the bill, it had a note written on it, "Paid in full with one glass of milk." The treating physician, Dr. Kelly, was the young man she gave the glass of milk many years ago.

Proverbs 11:17 states, "Your kindness will reward you, but your cruelty will destroy you."

What might seem like a meaningless glass of milk may be a life-saving blessing in disguise. See, kindness is remembered and eventually rewarded because God is watching. Sure, it may not happen immediately, but God will reward your kindness at just the right time. Therefore, don't waste time being cruel because that will damage your reputation and ultimately forfeit your blessings.

Show the kindness of Christ and leave the results to God.
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