Focus On Obedience, Not the Odds

Focus On Obedience, Not the Odds | February 17, 2024

A memorable line from the 1980 hit movie The Empire Strikes Back (part of the Star Wars space saga) takes place while a bunch of Star Destroyers, dispatched by Darth Vader, is chasing Hano Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO.
While trying to outmaneuver the laser missiles as he pilots the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo receives an unsolicited analysis of the situation from C-3PO, who says, "Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1." Han Solo responds: "Never tell me the odds."
We can learn a lot from Han Solo's focus.

Too often, we look at our troubles and do not take the time to seek God. Instead, we are focused on the "odds" of a crisis not working out or changing. We may have people around us, even some who are close, like family, who are naysayers and speak negativity over us, but we need to be like Solo and say, "Never tell me the odds."
Solo used the odds to motivate his commitment to the mission, and we need to do the same. We need to focus on God, not our problems.

We do this by obeying Him and not fearing the odds against us but instead using them to our advantage as our own holy motivation to move forward.
See, Star Destroyers may be chasing you down, but remember, "If God is for us, who can ever be against us" (Romans 8:31)? And, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper..." (Isaiah 54:17a).
Therefore, remain faithful to God, focus on obedience, and never the odds!

Psalm 37:34 says, "Don't be impatient for the Lord to act! Keep traveling steadily along his pathway; in due season, he will honor you with every blessing, and you will see the wicked destroyed."

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