Replace Negative Labels

Replace Negative Labels | March 10, 2024

According to sociological studies, there is something called Labeling Theory Psychology. By definition, Labeling Theory is how a person sees themself and thus creates labels they refer to inwardly and sometimes outwardly.

‌Labels are deeply rooted. More often than not, our labels are ones others may have put on us. "You're stupid." You're slow." "You're fat." You're skinny." "You're a loser." etc. Sadly, we sometimes believe the negative labels and start living down to the predictions. If we are to rise above it, we need to replace every negative label with what God has already said about us. An example of replacing negativity comes from the tumultuous delivery Rachel experienced when giving birth to her son Benjamin.

‌Genesis 35:16-18 says, "Leaving Bethel, Jacob and his clan moved on toward Ephrath. But Rachel went into labor while they were still some distance away. Her labor pains were intense. 17 After a very hard delivery, the midwife finally exclaimed, ‘Don't be afraid—you have another son!’ 18 Rachel was about to die, but with her last breath, she named the baby Ben-oni (which means "son of my sorrow"). The baby's father, however, called him Benjamin ("son of my right hand").

‌Notice that Rachel's challenging experience led her to give her son a negative name, which would have been his label in life. However, Jacob, the father, stepped in and said absolutely not! He changed his name to something more noteworthy and purposeful.

‌Difficult circumstances will sometimes lead people to say things they don't mean. Either way, we must replace the negative labels with positive reports of God's promises. Remember, you are blessed and highly favored. You are the King's kid. You have royal blood flowing through you and direct access to God, your Father. He has plans for you that were made before the earth's foundations were established.

‌Knowing this, I ask you to replace the negative labels with what God says about you because that voice matters most.

‌That's my prayer for my sons as well: that they will grow up to be men who listen to the voice of truth, which is God almighty. I am especially focused on this prayer today as Benjamin celebrates his 10th birthday. May God continue to bless Him with dependence and sensitivity to His voice of truth.

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