Surround Yourself With Good People

Surround Yourself With Good People | June 10th

I recently talked with a friend who described his old childhood neighborhood to me. Between the crime and violence, he was surprised to make it out alive! He said matters worsened as he got older, especially in high school. However, he shared that his saving grace was surrounding himself with the right kind of friends that steered clear of trouble.
After the discussion, I thought, "There was a lot of wisdom in that approach."

When you consider the nonsense of our day, which includes lawlessness, legalization of certain drugs, sexualization of children in the classroom, and the indoctrination of pride month, my friend's perspective will serve us well. We must surround ourselves with people who seek to honor God and help others.

See in the big picture; we become what we are committed to and who we are committed to. Proverbs 13:20 says, "Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble." And First Corinthians 15:33 states, "Do not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals."
Thus, take inventory of your inner circles of trust. Be wise about who you allow to speak into your life. If you are in high school, remember that "more is caught than taught." Poor examples can rub off on you unknowingly. Furthermore, trouble will inevitably find you and potentially rob you of your future if you hang around with troublemakers.
At the same time, no matter what age we are, we must be sensitive to the Spirit's leading in whom we must assist, regardless of their positions or practices.

Keeping the right people around us is about accountability, which helps keep us on the right track. But on the other hand, reaching out to others who need the Lord is about availability, which is part of our mission.
Knowing this, seek the right people and look to be the right person for others. We are better together when God's Word is the standard we live by.
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