Guard Against The Germs Of Negativity

Guard Against The Germs Of Negativity | March 9, 2024

Hospitals provide numerous medical services, and patients rely on them to recuperate from surgeries and recover from illnesses.

Hospitals have patient safety measures in place to ensure excellence. The most essential protocol is proper hand hygiene. Statistics say that approximately 80% of all infections are spread by hand. Thus, all staff who interact with patients must maintain sound hand hygiene to prevent the passing of germs.

Likewise, we need to guard against the germs of negativity. See, whether we realize it or not, negativity is contagious. Just ask Moses about how communicable negativity is!
‌In Numbers 13, the Israelites were on the doorstep of the Promised Land. Moses appointed 12 men to scout out the new territory. Ten of the 12 returned with what the Bible calls a "negative report." Eventually, this unfavorable report caused the people of Israel to turn against Moses.

Numbers 13:32; 14:1-4 states, "So they gave a negative report to the Israelites about the land they had scouted: 'The land we passed through to explore is one that devours its inhabitants, and all the people we saw in it are men of great size…' " "1 Then the whole community broke into loud cries, and the people wept that night. 2 All the Israelites complained about Moses and Aaron and the whole community told them, 'If onlywe had died in the land of Egypt, or if only we had died in this wilderness! 3 Why is the Lord bringing us into this land to die by the sword? Our wives and children will become plunder. Wouldn't it be better for us to go back to Egypt?' 4 So they said to one another, 'Let's appoint a leader and go back to Egypt.' "

Notice some germs: The people were afraid and complained and doubted God. Sadly, those thoughts were transferable to others and are still today.
‌Knowing this, guard your mind from being infected with fearful thinking, bellyaching, and unbelief.
‌Proverbs 4:23, "More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it."
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