Pray About Scriptures You Don't Understand

Pray About Scriptures You Don't Understand | May 26, 2024

Over the years, I've had numerous conversations with individuals who feel intimidated by the Bible due to passages they find challenging to comprehend. I have also experienced times when I was puzzled by a meaning or message from God's Word. A strategy that can help is to pray about Scriptures you don't understand. Ask God to give you insight and wisdom into what He is communicating. This strategy is precisely what Daniel did when trying to understand the meaning of the prophetic dreams and visions God allowed him to see.

Daniel 10:12 says, " 'Don't be afraid, Daniel,' he said to me, 'for from the first day that you purposed to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your prayers were heard. I have come because of your prayers.' "

Whether you are picking up the Bible for the first time, trying to go deeper, or have many years invested in the faith, incorporating prayer into your discovery process is a wise and productive part of understanding Scripture. For example, ask God to strengthen your faith when studying miracles or to heighten your comprehension when going through the Old Testament. I sometimes pray about imagining the setting of the story.

In Daniel's case, he was worn out and even sickened by some of the prophecies. Yet, he prayed for God to give him understanding, and the Lord sent an angel to tutor him! I am unsure whether God will send the angel Gabriel or Michael to your home, but I know His Holy Spirit can assist, especially when you humbly ask God to give you understanding.

Psalm 119:34 says, "Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart."

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