Protect Your Torch

Protect Your Torch | June 13th

In ancient Greece, there was a well-known race called the torch race. Each runner was equipped with a torch, and at the start of the race, they would ignite their torches before setting off. The objective was not just to reach the finish line but to do so while keeping the torch alight. Even if a runner finished first, they would be disqualified if their torch went out.

So, as they ran, their main concern was protecting their fire - keeping it safe from wind, rain, or anything that could extinguish it. They constantly checked their torch, making sure it was still lit. We can apply the same principle to the race of life. We are responsible for protecting our torch from going out because our torch represents our faith and our passion for the Lord and His purposes. Therefore, you must protect your torch to live and run the race of life with the joy of the Lord and His peace. You can't let your flame go out. Likewise, to effectively use God's blessings, you must keep that torch lit!

A Biblical example is Paul's instruction for his young apprentice Timothy. As a young pastor, Paul wanted to empower Timothy not to give up because of the struggles of persecution and false teaching that were plaguing the church of Ephesus, where he was serving at the time. Thus, Paul said in Second Timothy 1:6, "For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands."

Paul's charge is not limited to the clergy. Instead, these words of encouragement are for each and every believer in every generation. Protect your torch and run the race God has for you at all costs. By His grace and your grit, the torch will not go out!

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