Kindness Will Reward You

Kindness Will Reward You | October 26, 2023

William Somerset Maughan was an accomplished French playwright and novelist. His mother was considered to be a beautiful woman in her time. However, she was married to an extraordinarily ugly man! When a family friend asked how such a gorgeous woman could have married such an unattractive man, she replied, "He has never once hurt my feelings!"

Kindness will reward you in some "beautiful" ways. Proverbs 11:17 profoundly says, "Your kindness will reward you, but your cruelty will destroy you."

Think of a kind action or an attitude as an inviting aroma. Certain scents draw you in, like fresh bread at the bakery or a Sunday sauce. Those delicious smells pick you up off your feet and pull you along like you see in the cartoons. That is what kindness does for you. It brings people, possibilities, and promotions your way. See, kindness will help you to go far in life and even "marry" up, like in the case of Maughan's father.

However, just as kindness can reward you, unkindness can ruin you! Like a foul stench or bad breath, unkindness creates an unappealing odor. If unkindness becomes habitual, it will serve as a repellent to others and hinder blessings from God. You can even destroy your reputation and forfeit potential assignments from God. Remember, God will not have mean people representing the family business of faith!

Knowing this, seek to be a kind person. Start with your thoughts. If negative or unkind thoughts try to ambush your mind, give them to God and pray for kindness to rule your brainwaves. We think about it long before we do something or say something unkind!

Next, wait for God's promptings to show kindness to others. It could be a simple text message or meeting a need. Stepping in to help someone who doesn't solicit your support indicates a kind heart and that the Holy Spirit is working in your life. The same applies to verbal encouragement. Speaking the words the Holy Spirit puts on your heart is a gift to the receiver and you!

Lastly, kindness can be displayed in what is not said, as with that ugly husband mentioned earlier. Therefore, ask God for discipline and discretion to show you can represent Christ with compassion no matter the situation.

Remember, God sees your kindness and will bless you for it!

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