Hallowed Be Thy Name

Hallowed Be Thy Name | September 21, 2023

A young boy received a little cross that could fit in his pocket from his grandfather. The boy was told every time he got scared or down to hold the cross and to pray for Jesus to strengthen him. He routinely used the cross to reset his focus during those tough days at his new school. He kept the cross in a special place on his dresser, set apart from his toys and other personal items.

‌In the Lord's Prayer, we are instructed to do something similar with our understanding of God's name. We are taught to pray, "Hallowed be thy name." But what exactly does that mean? To hallow something is to regard it as holy, separate, and significant. That is how we begin prayer and view God; His name is to be revered and respected. God has no equal. His wonders are unprecedented and unparalleled. His miracle-working power is unmatched and, at times, indescribable and incomprehensible to the human mind. Thus, Jesus calls for all followers of the Christian faith to regard the Lord in this manner, both in prayer and daily practice. We risk dishonoring God and negating our prayers when our focus is void of hallowing His holy name.

‌It is only fitting that the renowned prayer from the Lord begins with this request. Right from the start, Jesus is teaching that prayer needs to be about God and not us. Rather than reducing our prayers to a complaint session or coming to God with a laundry list of needs and wants, we need to set our focus on Him. This prayer posture represents a high level of respect and reverence, precisely what the Apostle Peter taught in his letter, "In your hearts revere Christ as Lord..." (First Peter 3:15a).

‌Knowing this, let us seek to pray with this in mind. Begin your prayers by focusing on God's attributes and His character. He is holy, faithful, and all-powerful. He is also all-knowing and fully aware of whatever angst or adversity you may face. You can literally say these things and other Scriptural truths about God in your prayer time as you recount His goodness, and then you will be in a better spirit and mind to present your needs.

‌In doing this, you are hallowing God's name. Over time, we will pray more confidently, develop more consistency in our communication, and live honorably before our Heavenly Father!

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