Waiting Can Wear You Out

Waiting Can Wear You Out | October 6, 2023

A common occurrence you'd rather skip is the untimely annoyance of being put on hold, particularly when trying to reach customer service or some department. You hear the infamous seven-word message, "Please hold for the next available representative!" Before you know it, you are on hold so long that the complementary music playing on the line is repeating, and the promise that "Your call will be answered in the order it has been received" seems like a big fat lie. Nevertheless, you wait, and you wait, but with each passing second, your frustration increases, and your patience decreases.

Life sometimes can feel like a call that has been placed on hold. You are waiting while time is slipping away, with no results in sight. Perhaps it's a family issue, a medical concern, a financial issue, or another cause of anxiety; waiting for a breakthrough is breaking you. See, as spiritual and obedient as waiting can be, the truth is that waiting can wear the best of us out. Psalm 119:81, "I am worn out waiting for your rescue, but I have put my hope in your word."

Notice that the psalmist doesn't pretend waiting is painless work because it's not. Waiting can be like child labor, a rigorous workout, or a treacherous journey. Nothing is simple or easy about waiting, especially for those pressing concerns mentioned earlier. However, you can either wallow in self-pity or pursue a patient mindset. To do the latter, you put all your eggs in the basket of God's Word. In other words, you trust in His promises concerning you, your family, and all you need. Sure, waiting will wear you out, but the confidence of God's faithfulness found in the Scriptures will revive your spirit and strengthen you to keep on.

May God bless you with renewed hope in His Word and steadfastness to wait well.
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