Getting In Rhythm With God

Saturday, August 5, 2023 

Although being spontaneous can be fun at times, developing a pattern that works for your life is what ultimately leads to success. Repeated and sustained movement is what you call rhythm. In musical settings, rhythm is vital. No matter how many great instruments you have, the sound will only be pretty if there is clarity over the tempo. In basketball, you need the players on the team to be in rhythm with each other to propel their team ahead.

Likewise, you can advance through life by being in rhythm with God. Challenges that once seemed impossible are now doable, and temptations that got the best of you are now behind you. The time, talents, and money you held onto are now freely given to God. Even those decisions you have been putting off because of fear are now being approached with faith.
In addition, rather than making choices by yourself, you seek God and the counsel of others just as the Scriptures direct you to do. You are no longer the captain of your ship. As a result, you experience breakthroughs and the spiritual blessings of confidence and peace. God also blesses you with opportunities to serve His plans. All of this is possible when you are in rhythm with God.
To get in rhythm with God and remain in that cadence, you need to commit everything you seek to do before the Lord. Proverbs 16:3 says, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."

You want to bring everything under the covering of God. If what you bring before Him contradicts His Word, and you do it anyway, you are in danger of getting out of rhythm. When operating outside God's plan, we miss what He wants us to learn through the struggles or misuse of our talents. We want a 100% attitude of trust and obedience before God. An old missionary once said, "God will always take full responsibility for a life given to Him." The fruit of that responsibility is the joy of being in rhythm with God.

Therefore, prayerfully evaluate your rhythm. Listen to yourself — are you consumed with complaining and whining? Are you self-promoting or selfishly driven to accomplish your agenda at any cost? Is there a sin struggle you are trying to cover up? Any bitterness that you are harboring? How is your time with the Lord going? These internal questions before God can help you identify if you lack a healthy rhythm with God.

Get your rhythm back by seeking God through prayer and the Scriptures. Then, commit yourself and your plans back over to Him.

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