For Yours Is The Kingdom And The Power And The Glory Forever. Amen

For Yours Is The Kingdom And The Power And The Glory Forever. Amen   | September 27, 2023

While there is some debate on the placement of the last portion of the Lord's Prayer in the ancient manuscripts (Matthew 6:13b), "For Yours Is The Kingdom And The Power And The Glory Forever. Amen" is both theologically sound and inspiring. We would be shortchanging ourselves if we didn't include this segment in our prayer lives.

‌You can break it down into four pieces and make that a daily part of your prayer time.

‌First, "For Yours is the kingdom" refers to God's robust oversight of His vast kingdom. He is unequivocally sovereign and reigns with unmatched authority, unrestricted dominion, and unparalleled knowledge. Nothing escapes His awareness because all of the intricate details of the entire universe and all of existence are under His command. Knowing this, in your prayer time, focus on God's majesty and glory.

‌Secondly, Yours is "The Power" underscores that nothing in all creation can impede or hinder Him from unfolding His sovereign plan. No manufactured military or foreign nation can threaten His dominance in this generation or any generation. He is omnipotent (all-powerful), and the scope of His sovereignty can not be put into words. With this in mind, pray boldly, remembering that your heavenly Father is not confined or limited by your circumstances.

‌Thirdly, Yours is "The Glory," is a declaration of honor that God is divinely perfect, and His character is entirely holy. Thus, He has no equal and is worthy of all our praise. This understanding should bring a deep sense of reverence.

‌Finally, the prayer ends with "Amen," which signifies agreement. As you consider your heavenly Father's sovereign rulership, power, and glory, humble confidence will emerge and strengthen your prayer life.

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