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Weight Of The Cross | Good Friday | March 30, 2018

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Because Jesus bore the weight of the cross to pay for your sins, you can choose to receive God’s limited time offer from the cross and respond with conviction by placing your faith in Jesus Christ. Some of the most sacred real estate in all the world is where Christ went to the cross for you. It’s there that God’s redemptive plan, which He had before the foundations of the earth reached its climax. It was there that God was judging the sins of the world upon one Man. Jesus endured the weight of the cross.

You’ve seen enough news reports to watch just one bad clip of something so horrible that you almost have to look away. Imagine bearing every sinful act, every horrible dead, all upon your own heart, we would all die under that weight, but Jesus endured the weight of the cross. In the beauty of our faith, there’s time to come together and celebrate like on Sunday, celebrating that Jesus defeated sin and death. What makes the resurrection so meaningful is that Jesus satisfied God’s wrath in total fullness. What makes every prayer meaningful, and every sinner like us important to God is what Jesus did on Good Friday.

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