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From The Mall To Brazil And Back

While at the Staten Island Mall in 2005, Tony Rivera was shopping with his wife, Barbara. With packages in tow they saw the Crossroads Church Gift Wrapping in the center of the mall. Little did anyone but God know what would come from that day at the Staten Island Mall.

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A New Liver. A New Life


Carolyn Benet spent 10 years of her life in and out of hospitals and doctors offices as she suffered from liver failure and other illnesses.  Three years into her journey for a new liver her husband passed away at the age of 48. Yet, in the midst of her storm of death, depression, illness, and now being a single parent, Carolyn would find her comfort in Christ when she was invited to church by a friend. And that comfort guided her through another 7 years of illness, that was until her brother came in the room, and he was smiling…

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Anxious For Hope


Michelle Martinez struggled with major anxiety and depression. She was “very fearful and worried all the time. When I was around people, I would have panic attacks. The experience is truly awful. Sweaty hands, trouble breathing, heart pounding and racing thoughts. I felt like I was always waiting for something really bad to happen. I didn’t have any hope in the midst of all I was going through during those hard years.”

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