Wor-Shift | July 14, 2019

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Personal growth and maturity come when we shift from a getting to a giving perspective in worship. If we leave our relationship with God to merely what can we get out of God then we are missing out. There are many popular places of worship that sell and make a lot of money while filling their churches to the brim with people by having today’s mentality of; “What can I come to church to get? What can I get out of God? What can I squeeze out of the Bible?” While there’s nothing wrong with understanding that God can fulfill our needs, and there’s nothing wrong with coming to church to be encouraged; but if the focus is on what do we get out of the deal then our mentality has shifted in the wrong direction.
The greatest part of our Christian faith is sacrifice and giving. When we view everything we do through that perspective of what can we give to God; then we’ve made a Wor-Shift. Prayer, Bible reading, fasting, serving, singing, taking care of our families, working our jobs, and just about everything we do is an opportunity for worship if we’re doing it with a mentality of giving and not getting.
A Sunday Service is about our worship to God, so the question we must always ask ourselves is where is our focus?  Is our focus on God or is the focus on ourselves? Is the focus on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross or is it about being entertained? When we shift our mentalities by giving of ourselves in worship, then we receive what God wants us to receive; and then we shift ourselves onto the greater path of growth and maturity.