Member-Shift | July 21, 2019

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We can live a life of no regrets when we have a team-centered focus that lives for the glory of God. Regrets come when our focus is on our own individual pursuits. We see this when it comes to memberships. We are all a member of something. We’re members of a church, of a family, of a team, a job, our Nation, members of the human race. The regret-filled life is lived when we follow the status quo of a self-centered mentality that asks; “what can we get out of a membership?” An individualistic focus says; “Get married because of what we can get out of our spouses” It tells us to find someone who will do everything we ask them to do. A self-centered focus looks for a spouse so that we can be made complete. While movies have popularized the phrase; “You complete me,” when it comes to finding “the one; “a focus on finding trying to find completion in another person will only lead us to regret as we realize later that we still feel incomplete.
When it comes to being a member of a church, a career, or a relationship; the truth is that only Jesus Christ can complete us. Membership is about giving rather than getting. Instructions for how to have self-centered pursuits will not be found anywhere in the Bible. We are blessed by God so that we can be a blessing to others.
When we live for ourselves we can wind up living a life of regrets, but when we live for the glory of God with the winning mentality of a team-centered focus there are no regrets.