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Hard-Shift | August 25, 2019

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You’re either in a trial, coming out of a trial, or about to go into a trial. Life is a series of hardships. For as long as you draw breathe in this life, you will wrestle with hardship. Our enemy, the Devil, only makes these trials worse. When we’re having a bad day, the Devil doesn’t decide to ease up and leave us alone. Instead he’ll add to it more discouragement, more lies, more despair, more pain, and more of everything else.  Victory and life-change come by making a Hard-Shift on our hardships by shifting attention from our problems to God. Some advertise their problems to anyone who will listen especially on social media. Some don’t tell anyone at all keeping their struggles to themselves. Many fall somewhere in between. No matter where you land on that scale, the temptation will be to focus on the problem. Whether a problem is big or small; or if it is for a short or long season; hardships can be overcome by shifting our attention off of our problems and onto God.