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Secure Hope

Over the course of your life you will have grief, you will feel stuck, you will experience abandonment, you will be overwhelmed, you will get played, you will lose in your battle with temptation, and you will even forget God. All of these realities of life contribute to what your greatest struggle is, which is hopelessness.

To fix this problem, we typically look for hope in the form of superstitious hope, which is like a mystical thinking type of hope, or self-hope, which is wishful thinking type of hope. Both of these versions of hope will only further your state of hopelessness.

Thankfully, the Bible offers something called Secure Hope.

This hope is built on the promises of God. Job 8:13 says, “…those who forget God have no hope.” When we forget God, and His promises, any of those common areas of life can lead to a total state of hopelessness.

Therefore, we take a detailed look at the hope you need, which is the Secure Hope of Jesus Christ.















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