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Darkness Of Good Friday | March 25, 2016

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In all the earth, there is no more sacred ground, then the ground of Calvary. There are no steps that have ever been taken more tenderly than the footsteps of Christ to Golgotha. There are no drops of blood more precious, and no suffering more sincere, then that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The centerpiece of Christianity is far more than stained glassed windows and religious symbols. The centerpiece of Christianity is the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His victory over death just as He said it would be three days later.

Good Friday honors the sacrifice of so great a salvation, of so wonderful a Savior, so amazing of a grace, and so meaningful of mercy. All of that would not be possible without understanding and paying tribute to the darkness of Good Friday.

For it’s out of the darkness of Good Friday that we have the light of the empty tomb.