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Scripture reveals two specific designations for those who follow Christ and want to impact this world. Jesus told those who came to hear Him on a Galilean Mountainside that they were “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.” This same commission from Matthew 5:13-16, which Jesus spoke to the people of Capernaum and Galilee, belongs to you and all of us as well.

As salt, we are called to create a thirst within people through our character and commitment. As light, we are to shine bright with conviction and acts of compassion so that others see the example of Christ through us.

Being a Salt and Light Person is the most significant level of living this side of heaven. Salt And Light explores how to fulfill these responsibilities and best represent your faith.






Resurrection Light | April 4, 2021

The resurrection of Jesus is the most significant event in history, and it is the centerpiece of Christianity. It provides light to overcome the darkness of discouragement, doubt, despair, and death

Understanding My Salt Assignment | April 11, 2021

When you understand your Salt Assignment from God, then youll see that we are to have a preserving and positive moral impact on others