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The events for the very first Christmas were set in motion long before there were ribbons, tags, bags, boxes, and bows. Surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ were many events that were predicted long before, and came to pass with one hundred percent fulfillment and accuracy. These historical happenings involved ordinary people from obscure locations, schemes from rulers, and the phenomenon of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. The many prophetic utterances, the many promises of God concerning the birth of Christ, were summed up perfectly in Luke chapter two verse one that says; “And it came to pass in those days…”

All that God said and promised to happen with the first Advent of Christ happened.  As a shining light in a dark world, the meaning of Christmas reminds each of us that every promise God makes God keeps; and God can be trusted. This Christmas take a look at the promises of God surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ, and see how God’s promises can provide us with hope today.




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