Hitting God’s Target In Prayer | Accuracy Piece | April 15, 2018


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Looking to the Our Father, you can hit God’s target in prayer by praying with accuracy. In football there’s long been a debate about whether it is arm strength or accuracy that makes a good quarterback.  The experts will tell you that it’s accuracy.  Someone could be a quarterback with great strength, who can throw the ball hard, and throw it far; but if those passes hit the ground or get intercepted by the other team, then they won’t last too long. The same is true with prayer.  Sure one could try to impress God with their strengths, or see how good they can live to try and knock heaven over with their religious accomplishments; but prayers like those are missing accuracy.

Prayer is so important that out of all the things the disciples could have asked Jesus about, the one thing they asked Jesus to do was to teach them how to pray.  Jesus answers with a model for prayer that you may know of as the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father. Learn how to be accurate in your prayers by learning from Jesus’s teaching of how to pray.

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