Healthy Are Those With A Spiritual Appetite | January 20, 2019

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Like the Rolling Stones sang, you might find yourself saying “I can’t get no satisfaction.” Everyone is looking for happiness and satisfaction. Some even go to amazing lengths to try and find it. While some efforts may cause temporary happiness and temporary satisfaction there is only one true source of a lasting happiness and a lasting satisfaction, and that is God, Himself. We know what it is like to hunger and thirst physically; and the same can be true spiritually as we hunger and thirst for spiritual satisfaction. Thankfully, God shows us how we can be satisfied and that is by hungering and thirsting for righteousness. As you pursue a life that hungers and thirsts for what God deems to be right, and have a response to the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, then you will find the lasting and legitimate satisfaction that only God can bring. You will never be disappointed when you seek after God. Healthy will you be when you have a spiritual appetite for God, for then you will find satisfaction

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