Healthy Are The Peacemakers | February 10, 2019

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Are you a peacemaker, or a troublemaker? If your family, friends, and coworkers were asked if you were a peacemaker or a troublemaker; what would be there answer? It is possible for us to be either one at different times in our lives, but the Bible says that God blesses the peacemaker. If you look at it, a follower of Jesus Christ is ultimately in the business of people having peace with God. While we can look in many directions trying to find peace, the only source of true peace comes from God.  The peace of God comes when we have peace with God.  And once we have peace with God, then God has called us to be peacemakers telling others about God’s peace that’s available to them. God has called you to be a peacemaker. But it all begins with the first step, and that is to come and see. Come and see what God’s peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about and you’ll see that healthy are the peacemakers for they shall put out vibes of peace.

Healthy Vibes