Genuine Repentance | September 9, 2018

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There is only one way, and one thing to do when we realize we’ve strayed from God; and this is to come to Him with genuine repentance. Repentance can be considered bad for business to speak about by some because people might get offended, get their feelings hurt, or feel like they are being targeted. Though the truth is that our cry should be “God target me all you want!” Without God’s conviction of our sin, calling us to come back to Him in repentance, we would all go our own way doing the wrong things. There’s a way that might seem right to us, or a feeling that might feel right to us; but those ways and those feelings are not always God’s ways. At the end of the day, we need God to shine the light on our stupidity, so we can confess it, repent from it, and be in right standing before God.

While we all feel this calling for repentance from God, sometimes we go down the wrong roads to make that call to repent go away.  Some try sprinkling holy water on themselves, burning incense, rubbing soil from the holy land on their arms, thinking that something “holy” might make themselves holy and authentic. No matter how much water you may think is holy, or how much soil you want to rub on your skin, or incense you want to burn; all of this is powerless against sin, only Christ can redeem you. Only the one who is truly authentic can make you authentic.  Turn to Christ, and live a genuine life, with genuine repentance.