Plate Planning: Discipline of Seeking God | March 11, 2018


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Plan your spiritual plate around seeking God, and you’ll learn how to handle life’s pressures & difficulties. The most important nutrition for your soul is to have a vibrant thriving relationship with almighty God. That is how you grow spiritually. One of word to describe how our society is today is  pressure. We live in a society of pressure. Think of the progression of life starting out as a child taken care of, then the child starts school, to get into the right intermediate school, the right high school, and going to college having to graduate with a degree. Then taking that degree going out and not just getting a job, but a good job with the right benefits that they have to strive to keep. On top of that add relational pressure, pressure at home, pressure to have a good marriage or find the right spouse. Life is one series of pressures after another.

How we take care of our spirit has a lot to do with how we handle our pressures. A lot of time we’ll settle for get fit quick schemes, and we all know how they don’t work. What does work though is developing the discipline for seeking God. As you seek God you’ll learn what you need to know so when you go through life’s valleys, you’re ready to go. It’s what God teaches you on the mountain that he positions you to use in the pressure filled valleys of life. Develop the discipline of planning your plate around the things of God to seek Him.  and that will help yield for you a strength unshakable and a faith not deterred by life’s difficulties.

Fruits, Vegetables, And Faith