Gluttony, Guilt, And God | March 4, 2018



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Yes, there’s gluttony, and there’s guilt; but there also is God. The Bible talks a lot about gluttony and warns against it. Several occasion God talks about not hanging out with gluttons, gluttons disappointing their parents. It’s even attached to gratifying the flesh.

When it comes to gluttony we can sometimes get into things that we shouldn’t eat, and feel guilty afterwords. The same is true spiritually in our walk with God. If we’re a glutton for sin, we then wind up experiencing guilt. Guilt is a very real and  arresting emotion, shutting down all other emotions.

When guilt isn’t dealt with properly it stifles your relationship with God. It adds to the frustrations you can have, stymies whatever progress you’re trying to make; and steals whatever joy you’ve been holding onto. Guilt is very real.

Many of us have been gluttons with food, gluttons with sin; and guilt has come. But thanks be to God, He has a plan for both.

God desires that we would take care of our bodies. That we would not be given to gluttonous ways, that we would walk in grace, and walk in wisdom of the Scriptures concerning health. God doesn’t throw us out. It doesn’t have to stop at guilt. God’s grace can overcome such things. When gluttony and guilt comes, you can combine spiritual wisdom with the abilities God has given you to realize yes there’s gluttony, and there’s guilt; but there also is God.

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