Getting Rid Of Ego Inflammation | February 25, 2018


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Set yourself up for health by detoxing your body from inflammation and your spirit from unhealthy pride. When we eat unhealthy foods it is like throwing a grenade at our digestive system.  Your body tries to wage war against those unhealthy foods to prevent their toxins from being released into your bloodstream.  When this war rages, your body becomes inflamed on the inside, and as you research it, internal inflammation is a detriment to your health.

Spiritually our ego and our pride can become inflamed to the point where our spirit is in an unhealthy position. When our hearts aren’t given over to God, ego can be on the throne of life instead of God.

Before major problems come forcing you to turn around the bad choices you’ve made,  keep a focus on detoxifying your body and your spirit from unhealthy ego inflammation.


Fruits, Vegetables, And Faith