Fasting For Greater Health | February 18, 2018


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Fasting, is much deeper than giving up chocolate, not watching reruns on tv, or anything like that.  Fasting is much deeper.  When you learn about and apply the wisdom of fasting, you’ll find that fasting is for greater health in your life both spiritually and physically.

There are some bad habits that you want to get rid of right? First we shape bad habits in our lives then they start to shape us. Then we identify ourselves by our bad habits. You may find yourself doing that as well.  If you say that you’re a worrier, you’re not a worrier, that’s not your identity; but you have the habit of worrying. If you call yourself a doubter, you’re not, but you have the habit of doubting.  If you say you’re lazy, your identity is not in laziness, but you have developed the habits that lead to lacking diligence. Even if you say that you’re a bad Christian, that’s not who you are, but you’ve developed habits that have led you to be that way. In order to take out those habits and bad disciplines, we need to replace them with good ones. Fasting does just this.

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