How To Avoid Get Fit Quick Schemes | February 11, 2018


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Don’t settle for get fit quick schemes.  These schemes are all over with promises of “take this pill, drink this powder and you’re going to lose weight and feel great.” That may work for a few days, but it’s not about just applying a short-term strategy to your health.  If you want to be healthy physically and medically it needs to be deeper and better than a surface level fix just to get through.  This is much deeper than trying to look good for the upcoming spring, or because you’ve put on weight after your resolutions didn’t pan out. Even bigger than trying to fit into a dress or suit for a wedding, God wants you to be healthy in a long lasting way.  You can be healthy by adopting a lifestyle of how you are to conduct yourself both physically and spiritually.

Along with get fit quick schemes for health there are a lot of get right with God schemes out there too.  You may have heard some of these schemes saying to “send $100 in,” touch the screen to be healed,” “use this special oil and your pain will go away” There’s also fast foot theology out there saying all you have to do is pray specific prayers and follow a set of steps and everything will be okay.

While we all want life to go okay, the truth is that Jesus told us there will be trouble in this life.  But you can take heart even in the troubles because Jesus has overcome the world, so you can put your trust in Him.

No matter what the claims are, there are not any get fit quick plans out there that work. Physical and spiritual health comes from living a disciplined life. When you give yourself over to God and live a life of physical and spiritual discipline then you will find lasting health.

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