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Discipleship is the growth plan for Christianity. It is just like an apprenticeship, which is the standard method of training in business, education, and sports. Discipleship’s purpose is to train you to be a faithful follower of Christ who helps others become the same. Some theologies distort the picture of discipleship by focusing on making Christians fans of Jesus instead of followers. Others emphasize feelings instead of faith. Even politics and social justice issues have become the prevailing missional target.

While many of these perspectives are not bad, they don’t represent Jesus’ intended purpose of discipleship. We need a “shift” in our understanding of the Lord’s plan for our spiritual progress and maturation. Disciple Shift reexamines Jesus’ final command to the disciples to help shift our focus back onto God’s plan for following Christ.






Shifting From Fan To Follower | May 30, 2021

Deepen your relationship with Christ by being a true disciple, someone who shifts their focus from being just a fan of Jesus to following Jesus genuinely

Getting In Position | June 6, 2021

You can shift yourself into the right position to genuinely follow Jesus

Passing The Gospel Message | June 13, 2021

Run the race God has for you by passing the baton of the Gospel message on