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Blessed Are…

Perhaps the most uttered phrase mentioned during counseling sessions, or heart-to-heart talks is the statement; “I just want to be happy.” It may surprise you, but God shares that same desire, because He originated happiness. In fact the very first recorded public message of Jesus is on how to be happy, however God’s version of happiness and our picture of happiness are polar opposites.

While you can find yourself trying to create your own versions of happiness that are short-term at best; Jesus has shown us the way to happiness. If you look at the truth of God’s Word, you’ll find that this path to blessing is found in serving God. 

Out of all the abilities you have, your best availability is your availability.  If you make yourself available to God then you will see how you can use the abilities He’s given you, all while blessing your relationship with God at the same time. God will make a way if you are available, and our responsibility as God makes this way is to serve with the right attitude. You can do many acts of service, and use the abilities that God has given you; but an attitude is poor can negate anything that you do.

Blessed Are… gives you the tools to take the healthy attitudes of serving, and apply them into your life so you can put yourself in a path of true blessing. As you grow your relationship with God, you’ll see that Blessed Are…those who serve with healthy spiritual attitudes


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