The Overcomer – Pastor Jeremiah Lepasana | April 28, 2019

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After Christ’s victory on the cross there is no enemy, problem, nor obstacle that we cannot overcome, because Jesus is our Overcomer. God’s will that we are committed to be winners. More than conquerors. Overcomes the world, and our faith is the victory that overcomes the world. The Bible is clear that if you are in Jesus Christ you are more than a conqueror, because of Him. Because of your faith in the Son Of God then you are an overcomer. 
Rev. Jeremiah Lepasana is the lead Pastor of Bible Church International. He was formely a seminary professor and pastor in the Philippines until called by God to pastor in the United States. He has been serving as the lead pastor for BCI for more than two decades.
Jeremiah is the founder and author of the E12 Discipleship program and Enrich Daily Devotional books. He is a conference speaker, teacher, and trainer. He is also considered a mentor to pastors, leaders, and Christian workers around the world. He is happily married to a loving and supportive wife, Tess, and together enjoy quality time with their family: Johann and his wife Molly, Ruth Ann, James and his wife Juliana and their two children, Ezra and Eden.

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