Managing My Mind | June 9, 2019

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Our battles primarily take place between the ears in our own minds. That’s where the temptations come. That’s where insecure thoughts come. That’s where negative discouraging thoughts come. It’s where the Enemy wants to get us most. The Enemy knows that no one can see our thoughts. People try to believe they can see our thoughts when they say; “I know what you’re thinking;” but the reality is that no one can see our thoughts except for ourselves and God.
Unless you’re willing to ask for help for your thoughts it’s hard to get the help that you need in your battles. The Enemy would love to do nothing more than hold your head down and flood your mind with tempting and negative thoughts to discourage and distress you. But when we put on the helmet of salvation it protects us from these attacks by remembering that Jesus has already secured the victory; therefore we fight not…for…victory, but…from…victory. When we remember that the battle has already been won, then our mind will be kept in God’s peace. When we manage our minds God’s way, we will live in the victory that has already been won.

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