How To Best Utilize Prayer Against Temptation | June 23, 2019

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In the battles of temptation, trial, and trouble, communication with God is vital for victory. For a follower of Jesus Christ, we have an open direct line of communication with God. We don’t need to pray to saints or statues, we don’t need to light candles or perform religious rituals; and we don’t need to do anything else. We can pray and speak directly to God, Himself.
Life’s battles come unannounced. We can think that we have it all together, but a surprise battle can come and show us that we don’t. No matter what training or degrees we have, victory in our battles comes down to a dependence on Almighty God. When it comes to winning the battles against trials troubles and temptations it comes to to our open line of communication we have with God called prayer. No matter how young or old, no matter our background, no matter our race; prayer is vital in the battle of temptation.

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