Fight For My Purpose With Prayer | June 30, 2019

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Our Enemy will wage war to prevent us from living out the calling God has on our lives; but through prayer there can be victory. Our purpose and our prayer life are the top two areas in life that will be fought against the most; but if we’re going to be successful in our battles then prayer is essential. In our temptations, trials, tribulations, and struggles; the battle starts by preemptively praying. If you wait to be attacked then it is too late; but God shows us time and time again in Scripture to pray before the battle begins. When we start our day off in prayer and the study of the Bible, and when we start our week off with Sunday service, we make preemptive moves to set ourselves up for victory.
It’s going to be a battle to live out the purpose God has for your life; but we can have victory when we fight for our purpose with prayer. The Enemy will try isolate us from God and God’s people so that he can discourage us. However we don’t have to be used like a pawn in the Enemy’s plan; we can instead have victory when we fight for our purpose with prayer.

Battle Plan