Attitude Of Homage | May 27, 2018

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Have a 100% attitude by building life on the foundation of seeking to honor and worship God daily. God has created you, and He has given you  individual gifts and abilities to use in everything that you do.  In how you walk with God, in how you look at problems, in how you look at successes, how you get through difficulties, how you enjoy the talents God has given you; it start from understanding this.

Whether you’re an athlete, an accountant, a mailman, a caretaker of children, retired, or anything else. make bringing honor to God your goal. Let that be the foundation upon which you lay each brick in your life. When we get away from honoring God, our focus shifts to honoring self, and that is where things go South.  Have the attitude of homage, and seek to honor and worship God daily to life life 100%

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