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Ray Parascando - August 20, 2017

Serving God With Genuineness

Nothing will sabotage your witness to God faster than being fake. Being a fake Christian is the last thing you want to be. You don’t want to be fake in your representation of Jesus. You don’t want to be fake in your character. You don’t want to be fake in your integrity. Not being genuine in those areas can have cataclysmic effects on who you are as a person. You can wreck your credibility just by being fake. You can negate all of the good you have done by being a person who is not authentic. When it comes to serving, being genuine and being real is right at the top of the list. God has called us to be real, and He’s called us to serve with genuineness.

Scripture References: John 1:19-29, Matthew 3:4-15, John 3:28-30

From Series: "Apron Of Service"

It is no secret that the world is getting more self-centered with each passing day. In certain church circles, topics like material prosperity and creeds of self-help are taking priority over the humble teachings found in the Scriptures. Even volunteer opportunities have turned into a social media hashtag event of being noticed. All of this adds up to a self-serving focus of getting rather than giving. God desires, however, that His people would have an active faith by serving. First Peter 5:5b says, “All of you clothe yourselves with humility toward one another.” To clothe yourself with humility literally means to put an apron on of service, much like Jesus did while serving His disciples. Perhaps this was the very example and model Peter had in mind as he wrote this verse. Apron Of Service looks at the attitude and meaning of putting on the Apron of Service as well as how serving connects to the overall Christian lifestyle. Embracing the understanding of serving as laid out in the Scriptures is vital to growing and living out the Christian faith.

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