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Ray Parascando - June 3, 2018

Attitude Of Humility

There is nothing more genuine than being a humble person. In fact, you best represent Christ by making choices of humility. An attitude of selfishness has always been a problem since the beginning of time, and we can see it today. From driving on the roads to shopping in stores, at school, at work, on your block, in your house, and even in your own heart at times; a selfish attitude can be seen. Thankfully, God has an answer for selfishness, and that is to walk and live in the attitude of humility. If you look, you’ll see that at the root of bad decisions or missteps that were made, every time someone is treated wrong, or a foot is put in a mouth; there is an absence of humility. God has called you to make choices of humility, and making these choices put on full display who our Savior, Jesus Christ, is when you make those choices. When you are humble it invites the blessing of God into your life. Start living a life of humility by making the first choice, to adopt an attitude of humility.

Scripture References: John 3:22-30

From Series: "Attitude"

“Adopt the same attitude as that of Christ Jesus…” Philippians 2:5 CSB In life, you want to give 100%. As you add it up, the one word that equals 100% is Attitude. The condition of your attitude matters. Every accomplishment, every advancement, every achievement is tied to having a healthy attitude. Adversity and anguish can leave you discouraged and defeated lowering the percentage you give to life. This can bring a distance between you, your goals, and God. Regardless of any circumstances, you can fight against these struggles and close any distance between yourself and God by having an attitude that reflects Jesus Christ. The Words of God found in the Bible give you the keys to learning and maintaining a healthy attitude so you can give life 100%. Come and see how to live out God’s will for your life, and give life 100%

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