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Ray Parascando - March 8, 2020

Strong Choice Of Worship

What do you worship? It’s not just limited to church. You can worship sports, food, stuff, or money. Some people seemingly clean their cars more than they clean themselves. Some worship athletes or celebrities more than they like their own family. While it’s fine to like some of these things, none of them are eternal, and none of them lead you to have a correct worship of God. When worship fo God is thought of, typically it’s thought about as music. Music is one of the expressions of worship, but it’s not the only way. You worship God when you give, when you help people, when you obey your parents, when you serve, when you pray, when you fast, when you aren’t rude to someone, when you care and are compassionate. Worship is like a diamond, it is multi-faceted. When you think about worship it comes down to one word; priority. You can make the Strong Choice Of Worship by choosing to make God the center priority of your life.

Scripture References: Mark 1:35-38

From Series: "Strong Choices"

Though we can connect many of our failures, fears, and fatigue ridden days to bad choices, the guarantee that we have to make tomorrow better is to make the right choices today! From our attitude to our health, thinking, faith, ethics, generosity, relationships, finances, consistency, responsibilities, family, and personal growth; life is full of choices. Thankfully, God has given us the roadmap to avoid bad choices and stay on the path of strong choices! The abundant and thriving life starts with making decisions and choosing to discipline ourselves to decide to make Strong Choices!

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