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Daniel Cognetta - November 13, 2016

Overcoming Our Enemy

The true reality of this world is that we have an enemy, the evil one, which is Satan; and because of sin there are other enemies, such as addictions, temptations, and hardships, that you can encounter. But, the good news is that your enemies can be overcome by placing and keeping your faith in Jesus Christ. if your faith is in Christ, there can also be times where you feel like your enemies can’t be overcome. The solution to this is to remain connected to Jesus. By Jesus’s death on the cross, our enemy was defeated; and by staying close to God, you are enabled to live in light of this great news of Jesus. To be a person who prays to God “Thy Will be done” requires you to stay connected to Him so that you can overcome the enemy.

Scripture References: 1 John 2:12-14

From Series: "Four Words: Thy Will Be Done"

Some of the most internally asked questions that are proposed to God have to do with His Will. These questions are connected to our suffering, our successes, and even our shame. The answers to these questions help us make key decisions and hopefully avoid potential disasters. As you seek the answers to these questions, you’ll find great peace in praying four of the most powerful words ever lifted up to God, Thy Will Be Done. As you explore the different ways to know and do God’s Will, you’ll realize that His Will touches every part of your life. When you see the different aspects of God’s Will, you’ll be equipped to pray with total sincerity and confidence the four words Jesus taught us to pray, Thy Will Be Done.

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