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Ray Parascando - December 6, 2020

Tracing Our Royal Faith

Trace the lineage of Jesus Christ and you can find hope and increase your faith

Scripture References: Matthew 1:18-21, Joshua 2:1-24

From Series: "Royal Faith"

Christmas is considered the most widely celebrated holiday on the calendar. That's because there is something special about Christmas that separates it from any other day. Even in times of uncertainty, like this year, the anticipation of Christmas surpasses our despair. Christmas cards will go out, decorations will go up, classic movies will go on, people will travel, gifts will be exchanged, and church services will occur. All of this happens because the origins of Christmas are wrapped in a Royal Faith. Every prophecy, promise, and provision about Christmas is attached to a message of faith that transcends time and troubles. Who would've thought that an unlikely birth of a baby boy born to humble parents over two thousand years ago in the Middle East would inspire enough faith to light the darkest of nights? Come with us as we trace the significance of Christ's royal linage and see how it produces a Royal Faith.

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