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Ray Parascando - January 5, 2014

The Blame Excuse

The Blame Excuse: to shift the responsibility of one's faulty actions

Scripture References: Genesis 3:9-13, Daniel 1:5-17

From Series: "Overcoming Excuse Abuse"

From Excuses to Excellence. What if you could put some of those lifelong New Years Resolutions or goals you've put down on paper dozens of times into practice? What if you could finally experience the transformation that you need in those necessary areas of your life such as finances, stress, relationships, and spirituality? With a resounding "Yes" you would strongly step forward for this life change. However, there is one problem that remains... You! Your biggest enemy to your own breakthroughs is not your childhood, spouse, job, or even disability. At the bottom of every wall which stands in your way is a foundation of "Excuses." In order to overcome these barriers, you will need to overcome the common excuses that deter you from the tangible progress you have been seeking. Therefore, why not try a new approach? Discover how God has given you a certain resolve to step beyond your weaknesses and limitations. Learn principles from the Holy Scriptures and the Habits of Excellence that are necessary to overcome the abuse of excuses. May God Bless you as you begin work on a "new you" for the new year!

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