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Ray Parascando - January 31, 2021

Purity Thinking

If you want to see God’s peace, God’s plan, and God’s direction for your life, it starts with thinking purely. Your ability to break free from strongholds and temptations in your life comes down to the thoughts you are dwelling on in your mind. Though none of us will ever lead a sinless life, you can sin less in your life when your thoughts are pure. Every sin ever committed has started as a thought in the mind before it became an action. Dwell on pure thoughts and you will be prevented from going down the wrong roads. Stop the cycle of making bad decisions by turning your back on wrong thinking and turning to Purity Thinking instead.

Scripture References: Romans 8:5-11

From Series: "Think Better"

As a society, we understand health to include our medical and physical wellbeing. Healthy eating and exercise are touted as the main focal points for overall fitness. However, a facet of health that is often neglected is our ability to be healthy thinkers. It is from our thoughts that we process everything from achievement to adversity. Our thinking determines our depth and direction as well. See, every decision we make, good, bad, or indifferent, is tied to our thoughts. Thus, God's heart is that we would "Think Better" by reflecting the Mind of Christ in our daily decision making. When we "Think Better," our ability to honor God and help others improves significantly. Therefore, over the next several weeks together, we will explore what the Scriptures teach about "thinking better" so that our minds and thoughts can be healthy.

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