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Ray Parascando - January 4, 2015

Proper Flush

Flush your heart clean through fasting

Scripture References: Matthew 6:16-18

From Series: "The Spiritual Cleanse"

Helping Your Faith Run Better | Your desire to follow God is impeded by the many harmful temptations that are present all around you. Some of these temptations you are able to fend off, while others have made their way into your heart by metastasizing into sin. Because of this, you’ve become bloated by your burdens and sluggish because of your struggles. Typically, when the outward feelings of these realities set in, your search for a “get right with God” plan with the hopes that it will put you back in good standing with God. After failing again, you wonder if there is any hope at helping your faith with God run better. Good new! There is hope and help to be found. We will explore a topical study on the different pieces of instruction from God’s Word that, if applied, will help your faith run better. Through this series, we will discover the strategy that helps you rid your heart of those habitual shortcomings and set up new healthy habits for maintaining a vibrant relationship with God. This type of cleanse will be productive in giving health to the other major areas of your life such as your relational commitments, financial goals, and mental competence. Remember, God’s will is to bless the pure in heart with a clear vision of His plan. Help your faith run the way God intended it to run by starting The Spiritual Cleanse!

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