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Ray Parascando - May 10, 2015

Love One Another

How "Love One Another" Works

Scripture References: 1 Kings 3:16-28

From Series: "Deep Connections"

Removing Shallowness From My Relationships | Hashtags, status updates, and protests have now come to define the level of people’s concern for others. Sadly, this is nothing more than a shallow representation of what God desires for His people. Jesus, in the Gospels, as well as other Scriptures, gives clear-cut commands on how to treat and care for others. There is nothing shallow about any of these directives. Rather, they are deep and have the power to be extremely helpful, overwhelmingly encouraging, and life-changing for any relationship. These commands cut across cultural, social, generational, and economic lines. They help break down barriers in homes, schools, and communities. God has called us to have “Deep Connections” by applying His commands to care for one another. Through the messages in this series we will explore some of these powerful commands, and in the process, remove any shallowness from our relationships. Perhaps more so than ever before, our confused culture needs Deeper Connections.

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