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Ray Parascando - July 3, 2016

Habit Of Rest

There's a major health concern when it comes to our heart, spiritually speaking. It flies under the radar, most of the time because everybody thinks they’re a superhero in life. Just because we can go through the normal daily grind, keep up with our bills, or keep up with our schedules; we think we’re okay. Perhaps we don’t really see what’s going on in our heart, which is a major spiritual health concern, of heart fatigue. You can be physically fatigued, mentally, emotionally, relationally fatigued, but what doesn’t get enough attention is when we have a fatigued heart. When your heart is fatigued, it fatigues every other area of your life. You can be physically fatigued by still spiritually okay. You can be mentally worn out, but spiritually okay. However, when you are spiritually fatigued, it impacts every other area of your life. We’ve become people who are very fatigued. As Americans, we combine to have 1.3 billion years of unused vacation time from work, according to one study. We leave unused time with God on the table too, when we don’t take the time to seek Him daily. God has a plan for counteracting your heart fatigue, and that is through rest. Rest is so important that God put it on His “top ten list” of commands you are to follow. That is why you need to know how to have the habit of rest.

Scripture References: Luke 6:6-11

From Series: "Heart Healthy"

Habits Of A Healthy Heart | The most hardworking organ in your body is the heart. It pumps and produces blood flow nonstop so that you can have a healthy life function. Adopting some good habits for your heart can greatly increase your overall health. The same is true spiritually. Making some necessary changes, and adding habits that promote spiritual health in your heart will dramatically improve your relationship with God, and increase your spiritual growth. Typically we focus on the outward appearance as a sign of health, but God looks at the heart for health. So should you as we explore the habits that make for a healthy spiritual heart with God.

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