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Ray Parascando - April 16, 2017

Living In The Mercy Of Jesus

The most powerful and significant day in world history, every promise in Scripture, every Christian tradition we partake in, every prayer of sincerity that we offer up, every plea for forgiveness of sin that we ask the Heavenly Father of, every conviction of comfort that we seek, and every ounce of hope that we have in heaven finds its roots in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is the most magnanimous event that has ever taken place on the face of the earth. History records this event, medical science comes alongside and verifies the evidence, and the record of God, which is the Bible, for 2000 plus years has preserved this truth that we hold in our hearts. Every time you write a check, send an email that has a date stamp on it or celebrate a birthday you are referencing the resurrection. The year is 2017, but 2017 from what? Because 2017 years from the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This event reverberated in hell. The resurrection of Jesus Christ sent death and sin their final deathblows. It silenced the boast of the Devil himself. We gather every Sunday, the first day of the week, to give honor and praise to God, and most importantly to remember this centerpiece of our salvation. Everything that we celebrate, finds its center in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Supporting all of this is the most endearing quality and attribute of God that you can find as you study the Scriptures. That quality is God’s mercy. All of grace, love, comfort, forgiveness, and hope finds its center in the mercy of Almighty God. Some say, “God’s mean He just wants to get even with me.” or “I’m having a lousy day. It’s God’s fault, He’s doing this to me.” If God wanted to get even with us, He could turn you into smoke in a second. He’s not going to cause your keys to go missing, or for you to have a bad hair day, or for someone to insult you. That’s not God. God is not mean, He is merciful. God has an abundance of mercy. He’s well-stocked in mercy. You cannot exhaust the mercies of God. His mercies even renew each day. It is all about God’s mercy. God’s unmerited kindness has restricted the punishment and released provision. That is why as we celebrate Easter, it is important to make the choice to be a person living in the mercy of Jesus.

Scripture References: John 20:19-23

From Series: "Heart Of Mercy"

Mercy is God’s most important attribute. It is because of God’s mercy that we can have forgiveness, overcome failures, find faith, help friends, enjoy family, and grow closer to the Lord. Mercy even helps you deal with difficult people, discouraging problems, and those draining pressures that come into your life. God’s mercy is never-ending, renewing each day, and He is faithful to bless us with it. The only question is, “Are you willing to live in the mercies of God?”

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